Finding a frame for your family portrait

15 April 2015
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If you've just gotten a special family portrait done, it's time to find a picture frame that really makes the picture really pop. A great frame can turn your family portrait into a stunning feature that everyone notices as soon as they walk in. A displaying physical image is a wonderful way to highlight your fantastic family.


Look closely at the portrait as you consider which colour you might choose for the frame of the portrait. Choose the elements that you want to bring out, such as a blue frame to bring out your husband's blue eyes, a gold frame to bring out your granddaughter's golden hair highlights or a green to bring out the green of your skirt. The right frame colour is a powerful way to make the picture really pop.


A unique way to frame portraits can be to choose non-traditional shapes such as circles and ovals for your frame. This is a cool option for funky and modern rooms, and people who aren't afraid to take design risks.


Look around the room and match the size of your frame to the other elements in your room including the existing frame portraits. Fine frames suit rooms with delicate furniture and features, where thick frames are fantastic in rooms with strong and vibrant design features.

A great way to tie in a new family portrait can be to surround it with smaller individual framed shots of the family member. It's a cute and less formal way to tie the portrait together and get everyone to show different sides of themselves.


A shiny finish can suit rooms with other shiny items such as glass table, and can help a portrait stand out in a room of more matte finished items. A matte finish is a great way to help your picture blend in seamlessly with your room and look like part of the room design.

Textures can help to blend into the background of a room or can be a talking point of their own, creating interesting and eye catching effects. Consider the light of the room when you contemplate textures, as lighting can make subtle texture look more dramatic in lower lights.

If you are looking to highlight your new portrait which a great frame, contact a picture framing specialist to make sure your picture looks perfect on your wall and peruse their options.